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Tora Inu (TORA) Prices Up, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Presale Sees 260% Growth

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Tora Inu (TORA) and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) are two of the most highly anticipated projects in Q4 of 2022. Both have been recognised by analysts, being praised for their exciting applications, great utility, and potential to revolutionise markets. This article will look at the price prediction for Tora Inu during its presale, and what this news means for Orbeon Protocol, currently in phase two of its presale with 6000% growth forecasted.


Tora Inu Is Close to Hitting Its Presale Goal

Tora Inu (TORA) is looking to make Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming more accessible to the mass market. Currently, the market is only available to individuals willing to put down a large investment to get started, locking out the majority of gamers.

To speed up mainstream adoption, Tora Inu is looking to create games with outstanding game performance that also require only a small investment to start (similar to the price of buying a traditional video game).

The Tora Inu ecosystem itself also offers several features for investors, including memecoins, minigames, a mini lottery, a Metaverse, and several P2E games that are currently in development.

Using advanced deflationary tokenomics, Tora Inu (TORA) investors are able to earn a high ROI for their investment, with analysts predicting that the market cap for TORA could increase 100X by the end of its presale.

During its presale, Tora Inu (TORA) has raised $292,339 out of its $425,000 target, with this number rising daily. It’s a great sign that despite the current bear market, investors are still willing to invest in new projects like Tora Inu if the utility is right. So what does this mean for Orbeon Protocol?


Orbeon Protocol Continues To Rise In Value

In stage one of its presale, Orbeon Protocol has already hit several of its financial goals, becoming one of the most highly anticipated projects of 2022.

Orbeon Protocol was designed to help everyday investors get in on the ground floor of promising startups, something previously only available to venture capitalists. In the traditional startup market, new businesses typically sought funding from banks or venture capitalists. Now budding businesses can crowdfund projects and build community right from the start.

Startups begin by creating NFTs through the Orbeon Protocol’s NFTs-as-a-Service utility. The NFTs are then fractionalized to represent equity in the company. Investors can then buy these fractionalized NFTs and store them in their Orbeon wallet, in the process holding a stake in the business.

Aside from offering lucrative startup investment opportunities, Orbeon Protocol has some great features for holders of ORBN, Orbeon Protocol’s token. ORBN tokens power the Orbeon Protocol ecosystem and reward holders with priority access to funding rounds, voting rights, trading discounts, and access to exclusive investor groups.

During its presale, the price of Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) has already increased from $0.004 to $0.014. Experts suggest the value could further increase by the end of the presale. So overall, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) definitely looks bullish during its presale phase.

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