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Stoney Society NFTs Announce Partnership with Monegraph 

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Perhaps one of the more interesting signs of the NFT sector becoming more popular are the tremendous amount of resources being developed across multiple sectors of the crypto space and beyond. Only a few years ago NFTs were considered a niche concept that only hardcore blockchain lovers were interested in; and now it is fast becoming developed as a massive industry blossoming with innovation and creativity.

One of the more notable of these developments comes from Stoney Society, a cannabis-focused project that has partnered with Monegraph, the original NFT development company. 

Details About the Partnership 

Those heavily involved in NFTs have likely heard the name Kevin McCoy. He is famously known as the inventor of the NFT concept and is the founder of Monegraph

Monegraph certainly boasts an impressive track record, having worked with celebrities like Timbaland, as well as developed the tech behind the top auction houses like Sothebys and Christie’s. Needless to say, the company has extensive experience within the digital assets market. 

Why Stoney?

Focused on creating a digital community for cannabis lovers, Stoney Society offers periodic NFT and token drops to holders, as well as real-life benefits. These include Stoney branded merchandise and in-person access to community events, cannabis lounges, and so on.

Stoney Society is quickly becoming known for giving back to their loyal community members. For example, 72 hours after the Stoney Society’s official mint, they will be holding a live raffle drawing for some truly noteworthy prizes. As part of the draw, Stoney Society will be giving away not only a Stoney wrapped Lamborghini but also $200,000 worth of ETH and other prizes. 

For the main raffle, those interested can enter the raffle by simply minting one of the exclusive Stoney Society NFTs as the number of your token acts as your raffle ticket. Outside the grand prize raffle, and a secondary raffle will be held for 250,000 airdropped wallets. For more information on the raffles and how to get involved, check out the Stoney Society website and Discord.

The winners of the raffle will be announced live in Stoney Society Discord and ahead of this, prizes in the form of ETH and other rewards will be given out weekly as the mint day approaches. Stoney Society has also offered several benefits and rewards for its community. 

At the heart of the operation is creating a unified community of crypto and cannabis lovers to promote cannabis legalization worldwide. In this vein, those who are members of Stoney Society will enjoy branded merchandise as well as in-person community meetups, parties and discounts with partnered dispensaries and cannabis brands. The team behind Stoney has announced plans to go worldwide with their events, allowing the community to decide what countries are next. 

An added perk to mention is NFT holders will receive discounts to largely sought after events such as Cannabis Cup and members will also be able to meet up in the planned to be built exclusive Stoney Society Metaverse Lounge! On the charitable side, Stoney Society donates 10% of royalties/merchandise sales and 100% of metaverse auction revenue to cannabis legalization groups and charities across the globe.

Lastly, Stoney Society has publicly mentioned the launch and development of its native token $NUGZ, which will be eventually airdropped to members and act as governance representation and the monetary force behind the budding ecosystem.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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