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STEPN (GMT), Decred (DCR) And One Hot New Crypto Project To Add To Your Wishlist Chronoly (CRNO)

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Crypto investors are always seeking the next big opportunity looking for returns in excess of 20x. Unfortunately, it is not easy for investors to search for the right project due to the vast number of options available in the market.  Chornoly (CRNO) which is still in the first phase of its presale is a rising star in the crypto community and has huge potential to make significant gains over a short period of time. Some experts have tried to compare them with crypto projects like STEPN (GMT) and Decred (DCR), but these projects lack real utility unlike Chronoly who’s tokens and NFTs are backed by real physical assets making it stand head shoulders above the rest.


STEPN GMT is the utility  token of the popular “move-to-earn” mobile running game STEPN , and has  increased by approximately 812% since its launch back in February 2022. The move-to-earn fitness app’s token $GMT witnessed substantial gains in March and April when its listed on several centralized exchanges, however STEPN GMT has retracted significantly in the last few weeks and is down -56% over the last 30 days.

Since May, the pace of growth in STEPN GMT users has slowed , new daily users have fallen from 18,000 to 13,000, with roughly 11,000 daily active users. Wu Blockchain highlighted this collapse in a tweet on May 21st and Investors are watching the price of STEPN GMT fall, invalidating key levels of support. Many early investors in the STEPN movement are hoping for a dead cat bounce opportunity but this seems unlikely in a bearish market. 


Decred (DCR) was introduced in 2016 and is an autonomous digital currency with a hybrid consensus system built to be decentralized and self-sustaining. As of May 25th Decred (DCR), has returned a ROI of 2,803%. 

Earlier this week Decred (DCR) announced to the community the launch of GoDCR, which is a cross-platform wallet. Users of GoDCR will have access to an opt-in privacy system with post-quantum secure mixing amongst a number of innovative privacy features. 

Despite this announcement and a number of updates to the Decred project, it has struggled to find any price momentum during this bear crypto cycle with many investors moving away from projects with no real-world utility to focus on safer alternatives. At the time of writing the price of Decred (DCR) is $35.05 and is down -42% over the last 30 days.

In April 2021 Decred (DCR) reached an all-time high of $234.43 which begs the question can DCR reach those price levels again in the future? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

CHRONOLY (CRNO) is the first decentralised marketplace for watch authentication and watch co-ownership built on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. This is a one-of-a-kind marketplace which allows users to trade, authenticate, and invest in watch NFTs that are backed by physical luxury watches held in a depository vault.

(CRNO) The Chronoly native token provides users with numerous attractive advantages like special access to exclusive NFT drops, fractional ownership of rare and unique timepieces and virtual watch networking events in the Metaverse, and many other perks via their private members-only club Chrono Wealth Club. 

The Chronoly (CRNO) team plans to release a multi-chain oracle that will transform the $64 billion watch industry by enabling enhanced pricing accuracy, value tracking, and pre-owned watch authentication on a decentralised ledger. Also with options to lend and borrow against your luxury watch and stake CRNO tokens for passive income many crypto experts are excited about the chronoly CRNO token’s potential.

At the time of writing, the Chronoly (CRNO) token which is currently in presale is trading at $0.02, up 100% from last week’s price of $0.01 and the crypto community is very positive about the project’s unique usage of real-world assets and NFTs.

For more information about Chronoly presale:





Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice 

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