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NUGEN’s Beta Launch of Nugenverse and NFT Marketplace at DCentral Miami – A Grand Success – Cryptonews

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Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of editorial content.

A real amusement for crypto enthusiasts as NUGEN’s feature-rich metaverse and NFT platforms are now officially launched!

NUGEN Universe LLC, a web3.0 pioneer, has proudly announced that the platform has rolled out its Nugenverse, a metaverse platform, and NUGEN NFT marketplace, a platform to trade NFTs, on 28 November, 2022 at DCentral Miami, a massive web3 conference with 5000+ attendees. With the beta launch, NUGEN takes advantage of this phenomenal opportunity to show the world the potential of their products. Nugenverse will feature Las Vegas city as its phase 1/9, while NFT platform will support the creators/artists to tokenize their masterpieces. 

NUGEN Universe is a dream project for every crypto admirer across the world. This is because it is an all-inclusive hub that encompasses crypto exchange, NFT marketplace, sustainable energy-based coins, metaverse platform, fintech institutions like banks, etc. The project aims to give the right to transact to every human being on Earth with its indigenous utility coin, NUGEN. It is a BEP-20 standard token built on the Binance Smart Chain network that provides exciting utilities and perks in the NUGEN Universe ecosystem. 

“It’s a privileged moment for us to roll out Nugenverse and our own NFT Marketplace at one of the biggest web3 conferences. This is just the beginning, and you will see a lot more coming,” says Fazil M Jabar, CEO of NUGEN Universe. 

Nugenverse is a brand-new platform that leverages the virtual experience for its community through the incorporation of the metaverse. It utilizes augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality to provide users with engaging and interactive assets. Anyone in the platform can represent themselves as a 3D avatar and even can link their metaverse-compatible NFTs. Nugenverse will have nine different worlds to let users visit their favorite destinations virtually. And, this beta launch of the platform has presented its first world, Las Vegas city. This virtual city has roads and streets, landscapes like parks, gardens, shopping malls, game zones, vacant plots for real estate.

On the other side, NUGEN NFT marketplace is a go-to platform for the creators worldwide. This marketplace allows its participants to buy, sell, trade, hold, mint, and bid NFTs securely. It will mostly feature unique, rare, and branded NFTs to add genuine value to the collector’s portfolio. High-end features, user-friendly interface, and sophisticated functionalities make the NUGEN NFT platform an ideal marketplace to trade NFTs. Overall, it aims to bestow a seamless and hassle-free NFT trading experience. 

In both these platforms, NUGEN coin will play a crucial role as it stands as an imperative mode of payment. Also, this coin can be used to avail any of the services provided by products within the NUGEN ecosystem. The NUGEN Coin is listed on the Lbank Exchange and readily available for purchase. Do not miss this opportunity!

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