NFT Infrastructure Vinci Protocol Completes $2.1M in Seed Funding

Vinci Protocol, a project focused on building an NFT infrastructure where users, developers, and companies are empowered to interact with the NFT space in their unique ways, has raised $2.1M in seed funding led by UOB Venture Management, SigNum Capital, and TGE Capital. The team will use the fund to accelerate the development of NFT tools and services, encompassing NFT finance, NFT Oracle (NYSE:), NFT Governance, and NFT Commerce.

The team also launched its official mainnet and completed the Certik audit recently. Speaking on the recent developments, Florian, CEO of Vinci Protocol, commented:

“The new funding presents us with incredible resources to continue building a world-class product and accommodating the demand we are seeing in the NFT space. We’ll continue investing heavily in our core product and build it to stand the test of market and time. For now, we are keeping our heads down and rolling up our sleeves to create the best possible product for our community.”

The team behind Vinci Protocol believes NFTs are the new and most disruptive way of creative expression, allowing artists, brands, and companies to provide marketing, authenticity, and value creations in the rising digital age. The future of NFTs is full of uncertainty, but according to Vinci Protocol team, this is where new opportunities and knowledge lie.

In 2022, Vinci Protocol launched their first community NFT and has seen tremendous growth in the multiple marketing events that followed. Thousands of people have shared and claimed Vinci’s community NFTs with their friends. And technically, Vinci Protocol had several significant milestones, including the official mainnet launch, developer documents, NFT lending pools on the mainnet, and NFT Oracle contract on the Ethereum mainnet.

“It’s easy to have a vision of a complete NFT infrastructure. However, our approach is to identify the most needed user cases and build them from the ground up. We are currently focusing on the financialization of NFT and NFT data oracles. We will move to design developer and organizational tools in due time.”

Florian also said the company believes NFT can be used beyond the user cases we are seeing now. NFT can provide an extra layer of security and authentication to physical products and has the potential to democratize property rights. Most importantly, it comes with the ability to store dynamic data that can mutate into much more sophisticated tools.

With this latest investment, Vinci Protocol aims to reach more users, increase engagement with broader communities and grow its user base.