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(The Magazine Plus Editorial):- Aguascalientes, Mexico Nov 25, 2022 ( – Nativo – Best NFT Marketplace | Top NFT Marketplace in Mexico, USA

Building the next-generation platform for creatives and artists. Best NFT Marketplace: Nativo team is looking for extra tools that can improve the Web 3 experience for creatives and artists. NFT’s use cases are still in a very early stage and we are looking for which will be the next game changers in the industry.

We chilled in NEAR Space at DevCon 2022.

In bogota, we had a presence on DevCon to talk more about how nativo. art is improving the experience of regional artists and collectives. Also, we gifted 2 NFTs to attendees including its IRL print.

The decentralized live stream is on the way.

Based on one of our last partners we are now building a live stream platform that will allow you to stream, share and mint your videos. More news about this coming soon.

We have winners for the Halloween / Day of the Deads  art contest

Our community participated, sharing how they celebrate these spooky days around the world. We had the participation of artists from differente countries, including Mexico, 

New mind-blown UX/UI 

We are moving from beta to the final version with this new UX/UI that would make it better and easier to explore and mint your digital collectibles.

Nativo Token IDO Delayed

Sadly for the community, the main platform where it was planned to launch the IDO ( suffered a hack and is deprecated. This was the main platform to do an IDO on NEAR. We are looking for alternative options to launch IDO. 

Aldo Saul Nuñez Gasca

Creador de NFTs / Entusiasta | Best NFT Marketplace

  • What do you think of Nativo NFT?

The focus is considered good as it is focused on the Latin American market. the goals look concise. The ease of use is good because the user already had experience with NFTs.

The features it has been fine.

A quick guide and a frequently asked questions section would be missing. In the resources, it is covered in part. It is considered that there could be a more user-friendly approach.

Tutorials could improve user approach.

  • What is the best thing about Nativo NFT? And the worst?

The best thing was the approach, and technological education is considered an opportunity for growth. You can take advantage of the desire to get ahead in the region. I really like the question about taking the approach of the Latino community in art. Open Sea’s approach is very general.

It is not a bad experience, but the User Experience can be improved, and the flow of the platform can be improved.

  • What other activities do you do differently from NFTs?
  • If we need to remake the creative industry, how it will be?

The NFT as a tool and registry. The general public considers the NFT to be a scam. The twist to remove this perception is to give it a utility.

We spoke with a civil association and the model where the NFT is given as a subscription payment to support a social cause was proposed.

If you are at a concert and buy an NFT ticket, you can have access to a golden NFT and this will give you backstage entry with the artist.

  • What other use cases will you look for creatives and artists on Web 3?
  • How is your journal dropping NFTs? can you describe it?
  • What do you think about 1:1 pieces?

The scarcity in collecting is what attracts people. Exclusivity without variations draws attention to the public.

The shortage ends when multiple copies are minted or variations are made.

Depending on the use case, generative pieces can have good attraction. It is used as crowdfunding and benefits are given to the people who hold it. They are given rewards, something that motivates them.

  • How do you prepare to launch an NFT?
  • What do you do after launching an NFT?
  • Why minting in Nativo NFT?

He had already lied to pieces in OpenSea and he was interested in lying because of the contact he had with Cristina through twitter.

Nothing has been sold, there has been no promotion.

Comments are left in the group of artists to support.

Have you bought an NFT? What do you consider buying an NFT?

No, it has had donations of dynamics.

AMC had dynamics to grant NFTs to its owners of the shares. They did not provide a clear benefit for people who were not in the United States. In the United States, some benefits were granted in theaters.

It seeks to have the NFT as an added value to the activity that is being used. For example, when buying a ticket that gives you an NFT for an extra.

The focus on the community is what attracts the most. It is necessary to bring the conversation to the same users, it is complicated because there has to be a genuine interest. When the same users start having a conversation.

What is being done with having a presence at events is fine, like the booth in blockchain land, and being in a live with Platzi. It shows the fulfillment of the purpose when attending an event.

Bernice Gasca

Artist from Guanajuato, Mexico. | Best NFT Marketplace

  • What do you do for a living?

Visual artist, graduated with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in arts. She has a gallery in Guanajuato and her own design and art business.

  • How is your journal as an artist? On a peridical basis

The first thing is to review the pending projects because there are painting orders. If they are paintings that are going to take several months, then a plan is made of what must be done each week.

If there are no orders, the time is used to produce their own works, at least 2 large and 2 small. After they are put up for sale in the gallery, you have the advantage of having your own gallery. He has sought to have his own page on the internet but it has not yet been done.

If an artist does not have a gallery, they use social networks as an alternative, mainly Instagram and Facebook. There is a fear of uploading works to the internet because they can be plagiarized.

  • How much art is sold? What is the factor for selling?

The works they commission are based on ideas that the person already brings and the artist proposes improvements but has little creative freedom. That represents 50% of the income. The other 50% comes from orders.

Guanajuato, being a tourist city, depends a lot on the dates.

A large painting can take from 6 months to 1 year or a little more.

30x30cm paintings can be sold in a month. They cost

  • How does an artist participate on social networks?

Every artist makes their own proposal. There is no marketplace for art online on Guanajuato.

  • What can make the journal of the artist easier?

In diffusion. Trying to bring people closer to consuming more art. Disseminate more the artists and the works that exist.

The process of making a sale. As a place where you can say which piece you want and be able to do it at that moment.

  • If you the art industry would start today, how would it be? 

It would have to be more virtual. With the pandemic there was a trend to make it more virtual, there was a need to upload things to the networks to be shared. Many artists had not planned for the art business to go digital.

In the case of Bere, she had the gallery, and when the pandemic arrived, she had not planned how to do it online.

The art would have to be for sale online and bet on it. A digital art market would be the option to solve the problems.

The work is revalued as it was in other spaces.


Cristina Meza

Founder de Cripto Curiosas / Holder de NFTs | Best NFT Marketplace

  • How do you choose to buy an NFT?

She pays a lot of attention to the utility she provides in the NFT, she doesn’t pay much attention to the art part, and she looks more for utility.

The last one she bought was from a “Bookers” collection that allows you to endlessly read books and listen to audiobooks.

It has 1 rug radio NFT that allows you to be part of Twitter Spaces or meetings.

Both collections are made on ethereum. The fees are considered to be very high.

  • Are you interested in 1:1 NFT pieces?
  • Did you prefer to buy, win or mint an NFT?

If you don’t have to spend it would be best. It has airdrops from NFTs, it is considered that there is speculation.

There are collections that regardless of the benefit would be interested in being part of the collections. There are collections that give access to platforms for free, such as that of the Surge Women community, with a vision of belonging to the community.

  • How many NFTs do you buy per month?

You have less than 10 NFTs.

There is no interest in having more NFTs, just that they are from collections of women’s communities.

He has earned 2 NFTs from the artist community.

They are in the ethereum and polygon networks

  • For how long you will hold your NFTs?

She does not consider having spent as much as other people, she will keep them for as long as she uses them, which will be approximately 5 years.

It takes time to flip NFTs and she hasn’t done it.

  • Extra to collecting, what else do you expect you can do with your NFTs?

One missing utility is to prevent ticket scalping. Kings of Leon launched NFTs that allowed free content and access to the concerts. Consider the NFT as lifetime access.

It could also be the entry to a simple event like NFT, but they are not considered as exclusive.

  • What has been your best experience with NFT?

She hasn’t found the best NFT experience that she can’t find in some other way.

The platform should go to more people, like the general public, the case of reddit could be an example of mass adoption, where you don’t realize you’re using technology.


Creadora NFTs

  • What do you do for a living?

He is a freelancer and has an advertising and marketing agency that allows him to be creating, he is a video game artist and has a master’s degree that he completed in Barcelona.

  • How is your journal professional?

Not every day do we get up full, optimistic, or full of adrenaline. Every day we must have the discipline to do.

Every day is about landing ideas and trying to do something.

Attitude has to stand out to get things done. You must have duality to overcome pessimistic moments.

  • How do you enter Web 3?

Web 3 it has been 2 years, it started during the pandemic, as a vision to learn many things. A friend of hers invited her because of her knowledge of technology and design. She fell in love with the ideology and the people.

She started out as an NFT artist at OpenSea. She first entered as an observer. She minted her first collection in October 2021 on polygon because ethereum gas fees were so high.

The gas fees can be very high and that limits. It is entering an unknown place and with high costs.

  • How do you prepare to launch an NFT?

To launch a collection, you think about a theme, you express things, as a 1:1 artist you would like to make collectibles, it is very artistic, to express what I feel.

It is not the same to drop from a collection than from a piece.

In from Tezos (NFT platform), it is more like a canvas, you can drop whatever you want.

  • Have you buyed an NFT?

The first step was to observe, the second as an artist and the last as a collector. Most of the NFTs he collects were purchased on teia and OpenSea.

In Teia it is because he likes art, and the price is not higher than ~10-15 USD. In OpenSea it does put a lot of collectibles and it finds affinity.

  • Are you part of communities of women and artists?

Yes, she has been in 4 community of women and artists that has led to her presenting at various IRL events and in the metaverse.

  • What do you think of

The part where he missed was the part about creating. The interface feels quite old, it looks like a governance system which is bad. It needs to look more professional.

The page looks like it’s from the 90s-2000s.

What would the creative industry be like if it started today?

It is something that would have to be developed over time, an answer could not be given.

There are several aspects of artists and creatives that label the industry.

Ancient artists would only have been in charge of creating.

Each person could use the tool they prefer. She will use the computer but also the mud and clay to generate manual things. The Metaverse is going to be an important tool for making art.

  • What things could improve the artist’s experience on digital platforms?

Something that he liked a lot about Nativo is the 1:1 experience with the community. Human kindness will never go out of style.

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