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Miami Art Week Live Blog Day 3: The Gateway and Beyond

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With Miami Art Week nearly reaching critical mass, so too is The Gateway: A Web3 Metropolis. Over the past few days, downtown Miami and beyond have been instantly converted into hubs for all things Web3. In partnership with MoonPay and Mana Comnmon, nft now has taken over two entire city blocks located in the heart of downtown Miami to bring The Gateway into reality. Up for bat on the third day of exclusive panels are chats with Shira Lazar on the future of community building, the continued evolution of Web3 media by former TIME president Keith Grossman, and a broad look at the state of music NFTs featuring nft now Co-Founder Sam Hysell in conversation with Latashá, Shannon Herber, Spottie Wifi, and Cooper Turley.

So what went on during this day-long block of The Gateway 2022? Headlining The Gateway’s second day of its Miami Art Week adjacent programming at the Dupont building were panels featuring Instagram, MoonPay, RTFKT, Christie’s, and more, speaking on the future of their respective brands within Web3.

For RTFKT, its forward-looking application of blockchain technology looked to integrate the calling card of one of its most notable working relationships: high-quality footwear. Thanks to its ongoing collaborations with sportswear apparel giant Nike, RTFKT finds itself uniquely equipped to deliver NFT-enabled articles of clothing. As revealed at yesterday’s Gateway panel, RTFKT and Nike are working towards realizing that possibility through the upcoming launch of Cryptokicks, a planned line of smart footwear. Further details regarding the launch are scheduled for announcement on December 5.

As for what went on throughout the rest of Miami Art Week, if this installation was anything to go by, then controlled chaos was more or less the norm as artists aplenty worked to push the envelope of creative expression further and further with their unconventional artworks and installations. One highlight unveiled earlier in the week that exemplifies this is Living Room by Random International which logs the movement data of guests exploring the installation, visualizes it, and offers guests the chance to mint it as an NFT.

FewoWorld Arrives in Art Basel

Critically acclaimed NFT artist FEWOCiOUS is bringing his interactive Web3 paint party FewoWorld to Miami Art Week later today, running from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET. Although it’s open to all ages and is intended to be as inclusive as possible, the event will remain token-gated like past FewoWorld parties of this nature. Exclusive to current holders of any of FEWOCiOUS’ pieces, including Paint and Canvas NFTs minted during past paint parties.

AHHH!!!! MIAMI IM COMINNNN 🕺🏝🫶 join me in @fewoworld this Friday December 2nd at ART BASEL!!! sooooo stoked to paint with you all….we’re doin things a lil different this time, come paint at the first Fewo Fashion Factory 👀❤️🕺

— FEWOCiOUS (@fewocious) November 29, 2022

What sets this latest paint party apart from previous events is its billing as the Fewo Fashion Factory. While in past paint parties, guests were merely handed paint and brushes to do whatever they pleased with, the Fewo Fashion Party suggests that instead of utilizing regular canvases for paint, guests will be able to freely decorate and elevate specific pieces of clothing.

A rare screening of a ‘film under construction in Web3’

In 2020, artist J.N. Silva was in a Clubhouse room talking about NFTs and the power of royalties when a prominent psychedelic artist from the late 60s in the audience asked to speak. According to Silva, he shared, “I just stumbled into this room. I had no idea what was going on. But this single-handedly would have changed my life if it would have been around when I was creating art. 

The artist, who Silva didn’t name, sold pieces throughout the 60s and 70s during what he called a “period of prime.” Today though, his works are reselling for millions, but due to the nature of physical artworks, he hasn’t seen a dime. “Imagine if I had been getting royalties from all these works,” the artist told Silva, “I would have the mental freedom to keep practicing my creativity and not have to battle against a past version of myself. The importance of royalties was a prominent thread during The Gateway panel “The State of Film NFTs,” with Silva, filmmaker Nelson G. Navarrete, and filmmaker Julie Pacino. 

Pacino, one of the first people to finance a film with NFTs, further emphasized the importance of royalties, saying they should “never go away” — and they don’t just benefit the artist. “[Royalties] are exciting from a collector’s point of view because if [I], the artist, [am] selling you some work and then I go hustle my ass off and elevate my value, then you’re [also] going to benefit from it.”

But royalties aren’t the only reason directors and producers turn to NFTs. “It’s really valuable to connect with the people interested in your work before you’ve even shot your movie. It’s a miraculous thing. They can inform the creative process and help forward your vision,” explained Pacino. While the panel may have passed, fans of Film3 still have the opportunity to see Navarrete and Silva share some of their work tonight. 

Co-Directors Navarrete and Alex Ulises are hosting a screening of their documentary “Idiosincracia Latina” along with “NEA,” the teaser for Buscando América — “a fiction film under construction in Web3” which Silva executive produced. “Our main motivation is to build the infrastructure that helps emerging filmmakers tell their stories […] without having to go through the structures that are traditionally difficult,” said Navarrete.

The screening begins at 7:30 PM and will be held at 164 NW 30th Street, Miami, Florida.

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