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How Clash of Coins is Moving Forward, Changing Trends and Market Issues Aside 

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How Clash of Coins is Moving Forward, Changing Trends and Market Issues Aside 

This is a very exciting time for the gaming industry. Thanks to the influx of blockchain in the last decade, GameFi is fast on the rise and exploring all the gaming capabilities of blockchian-based products. 

The space is fast-changing and often finds itself in the crosshairs of happenings in the crypto industry. The recent market issues with stablecoins like UST, for example, have seen some people call the future of GameFi into question. 

But one GameFi project, Clash of Coins, is undeterred and is moving forward with new developments despite the naysayers. 

How Clash of Coins Works 

Besides being a GameFi project, Clash of Coins is also the world’s first blockchain-based massively multiplayer online real-time strategy (MMORTS) game. This means that its players can interact with and compete with one another in real-time across the digital landscape.

On top of this, Clash of Coins is also a GameFi. In traditional games, players get digital rewards like coins and trophies and the joy of gameplay as their reward. But GameFi’s go a step further by giving players spendable cryptocurrency as a reward.

Clash of Coins, for example, is based on this concept and gives tokens like ETH to players. This, naturally, has proven to be popular with players and the beta game secured 20,000 players in just 3 weeks of its introduction to the global English-speaking market after sustainable regional growth of 2 years on its home turf. 

At the center of this is a game that truly feels like it was made for the players and not for profit. Players can join different clans (often named after popular cryptos), gather virtual assets for themselves, compete with other players, and so on. 

Clash of Coins is rolling full steam ahead on its development plans, with mid and high-game parts coming soon. These will allow players to upgrade their in-game buildings, merge NFT cards with other players, and have even bigger map-wide wars with other clans.

In-game characters and assets are often offered in the form of NFTs and with Clash of Coins’ incoming NFT collaborations, there will be a wider variety of NFTs to choose from. The game has also teased plans to launch a mobile version as well as its own native token to make in-game transactions easier to facilitate. 

Now, the game is aiming for 200,000 users by the end of the year, though with its popularity so far, this seems within view. 

Navigating the Blockchain Market

While Clash of Coins is moving ahead with its new plans, it is also navigating the complexities of the blockchain market. Founder, Stepan Sergeev, was asked about how the current issues with popular stablecoins like USDT and UST and how these could affect the future of blockchain gaming. 

According to him, the blockchain industry is not in any significant danger from any of these events and will continue to grow. This, of course, extends to the GameFi sector. As he explained, Clash of Coins has taken the time to develop an actually good product rather than just baiting customers with the promise of play-to-earn.

Projects that do otherwise might actually have reason to worry, Stepan said, and should take a page out of Clash of Clan’s book.

“If regulations in the crypto industry are needed, then only in order to check whether tokenomics is solid at the heart of the project. While Clash of Coins is in the public beta with BNB and ETH, there are projects that launch their token before they have at least a playable demo, let alone a working product in public beta. Now with those projects, one needs to take a closer look,” Stepan explained. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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