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Free to Play P2E Game, Chibi Clash Raises $3 Million In Private Fundraising Round

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Chibi Clash, a free play-to-earn blockchain game, announced the successful completion of its latest private fundraising round, raising $3 million from top investors in the gaming ecosystem. The funding round closes the private fundraising rounds ahead of the long-awaited public sale via its initial coin offering (ICO) in the coming months. The funding will be used to boost the development and innovations of the game in its quest to disrupt the blockchain gaming ecosystem. 

Some of the notable investors that participated in the private sale include Alliance DAO, Genblock Capital, Jump Capital, C² Ventures, Kyros Ventures, NGC Fund, PetRock Capital, Polygon Ventures, Shima Capital, Avocado DAO, Rainmaker Games and other major players in the gaming and blockchain space. 

“We are thrilled to be working with amazing investors who share our vision in web3 gaming,” said Ted Mui, Founder of Chibi Clash. “Coming from the mobile gaming world, I believe web3 gaming has the potential to disrupt the gaming ecosystem by creating value for players and collectors.”  

Built on Polygon blockchain, Chibi Clash offers players a fast and a low-gas platform to make transactions and start playing to earn rewards. The platform aims to create a robust gaming economy where players can collect, earn, and compete with their NFTs. The gaming ecosystem also offers unique features within the game such as staking, recruiting, and a multiplayer auto battler to make it more fun and easier to earn, especially for new gamers. 

“Chibi Clash is creating one of a kind web3 gaming universe driven by fun and addictive PvP gaming experiences,” said Urvit Goel, VP of Games BD at Polygon Ventures. “We are excited to be on this journey with Chibi Clash and fully support their development of groundbreaking play-and-earn gaming ecosystem on Polygon.”

Chibi Clash builds a web 3 gaming metaverse centred around the auto battler game. Inspired by gameplay from Hearthstone Battlegrounds and the art style from MapleStory, Chibi Clash Auto Battler is an asynchronous PvP game where players recruit, upgrade and send their troops into battle. The goal is to achieve 10 victories without running out of morale from losses. 

The game is free-to-play, and users collect rare items that boost their troops’ features and ammunition as they play on different battlegrounds. Players can also buy NFTs from Opensea to boost their characters and weaponry and unlock additional gameplay features, play-to-own mechanics, and offer other benefits to holders. 

The game has two NFT classes, the Chibi Legends and Chibi Champions. Chibi Legends grant access to staking and recruitment on-chain features, while Chibi Champions grant access to use that specific legendary warrior as your character in our upcoming games. Chibi Champions will be released to Chibi Legend holders in the future, and Chibi Legends will be able to search for additional Champions to recruit or sell on the secondary market.

In the near future, the Chibi Clash team plans to introduce a multi-phased gaming road map featuring a built-for-web3 social gaming experience, idle NFT gameplay, guild leaderboard competitions and an NFT marketplace for in-game items accepting CLASH tokens. 

“We are still in the early stages of web3, and with Chibi Clash I believe we can build a fun and sustainable play-to-own ecosystem that will appeal to both traditional gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike,” Mui added.

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