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Flasko (FLSK) Presale Has Garnered The Attention Of Monero (XMR) And Aave (AAVE) Investors

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Those who purchased famous crypto coins at the peak of the bull run now have huge losses as 2022 is about to end. Parabolic cryptocurrencies like Monero (XMR) And Aave (AAVE), for example, will need billions of dollars in additional cash from new investors to approach their all-time highs. Investors have begun to lose hope in Monero (XMR) And Aave (AAVE) and are shifting their funds to presale crypto platforms like Flasko.

Monero (XMR) is having a rough time

Most blockchains do not include a cryptocurrency like Monero (XMR), which focuses on privacy and anonymity. Because of its one-of-a-kind value in facilitating private, almost untraceable transactions, Monero (XMR) has gained significant traction.  However, like many cryptocurrencies, Monero (XMR) has lost a lot of value since reaching ATH levels of $542, at one point seeing lows under $100 per Monero (XMR) coin and being stuck in a bear cycle for nearly six months.

One Monero (XMR) coin is around 73% less than its all-time high. Rather than speculating on an improbable recovery for Monero (XMR), investors would be better off putting their money into other protocols.

Aave (AAVE)’s Rise and Fall (AAVE)

The average annual variable expense Aave (AAVE) continued to rise at the start of 2021, breaking the $100 mark within the first few days of the year and skyrocketing to $506 on February 5. This trend gained steam as more and more people started using Aave (AAVE)’s loan platform. There was an unexpected influx of positive coverage of its procedure in the media. News of Aave (AAVE)’s antics rang in the new year.  

The Aave (AAVE) currency severely declined between January and March 2022. As of November 11th, Aave (AAVE) has dropped to $68.03, its lowest price in over a year. 

Flasko (FLSK) Making Its Mark In The Crypto Market

Flasko has risen to prominence among crypto fans thanks to its novel and upcoming NFT platform. Flasko will facilitate the buying, selling, and trading of rare bottles of champagne, wine, and whiskey as fractionalized NFTs.

Flasko’s investors will be able to take part in a trillion-dollar industry with a history of minimum loss risk by acquiring fractionalized NFTs backed by actual assets of profitable liquor. 

Flasko has been successfully audited by Solid Proof, and liquidity is locked for 33 years, with the team not allowed to sell their tokens for the next two years, making Flasko an incredibly safe platform to invest in. 

Purchase now when the price of one Flasko token is only $0.085, as experts predict Flasko token will increase by 4,500% by early 2023. 

This could provide one of the best opportunities for investors to make significant gains this year.





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