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NFT Funded Film ‘The Infinite Machine’ Joins Decentraland –

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Versus film productions behind the upcoming “Infinite Machine” NFT film partners with Decentraland. The arrangement between Versus and Decentraland will see the film and related NFTs integrated into the Decentraland metaverse. Additionally, the agreement involves Singapore-based entertainment specialist Lumiere which will support transferring the film’s premise into the virtual world.

Infinite Machine Film
“The Infinite Machine” based on Camilla Russo’s namesake book

The Infinite Machine

Based on Camilla Russo’s book, the story portrays the life of Ethereum’s founder Vitalik Buterin coupled with the emergence of Web3. With a total budget of $16 million, the film attempts to make history as the first-ever movie financed through NFTs. Reportedly, the film is offering 10,499 unique NFTs designed by 36 artists. Some artists include Lucas Riberiro, Marella Gonzalez, and Eduardo Calegari.

Written & directed by Shyam Madiraju, the feature-length film will showcase the birth of Ethereum like never before. Alongside Ridley Scott’s production company  Versus and “Scott free” productions embark on a voyage genuinely funded by the community. Afterward, Lumiere will begin developing and integrating the movie experiences into Decentraland. While expanding to a broader audience, this feature allows fans to interact with immersive features surrounding the movie.

Funded Through Community

Most of the revenue will go to supporting the film. However, a percentage of the proceeds will be distributed among the artists. The Infinite Machine is expected to launch its next round of NFTs in the following months. While challenging, to say the least, the upcoming film has immense potential. The work of Ridley Scott never seems to disappoint.

“We are proud that a company such as Lumiere and as important a film as ‘The Infinite Machine’ have chosen Decentraland to build their experience in order to interact with its community fan base. The link between movies, their communities, and the Metaverse is already happening.”

Alejandro De Grazia Head of Film and Entertainment at Decentraland

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