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NFT Collector and Artist Gary Sumner Gives an Exclusive Look into His Career – Tech Times

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Gary Sumner
(Photo : Gary Sumner)

The perspective and approach humans have toward art have changed drastically in recent years. In modern times where digital media has taken over, the meaning and value of art have changed as well. People have started to give artists a lot more important and their pieces have started to hold a lot of value as well. This is a great incentive for passionate artists. 

However, the introduction of NFTs has changed things as well. These art pieces can now act as non-fungible tokens that hold massive value. Gary Sumner is one of these artists and collectors. He takes a lot of pride in what he has been able to collect so far and how different it is from everything else. Along with that, he has a collection of his own.

Gary is one of the few people who actually focus on the artist and their art instead of just holding it for their value. He has been a mentor and supporter to many talented young artists. Moreover, he has now been selected to establish real-world and virtual gallery spaces. He will lead this process for The Mind Block and will soon be announced as a chief artist-curator for a prominent NFT gallery.

As an artist and an appreciator of art, this gallery and all his other accomplishments are a dream come true. Nonetheless, it was not easy to get where he is today. Investing time in his growth and handling the pressure that comes with it is not easy. Balancing different things in life can sometimes become a challenge, but the tough days really did pay off. 

There are many people and things that inspire Gary to keep creating. He admires collections such as World of Women and Azuki for how well they are made. He appreciates what the team has been able to create for a new industry despite the fears and doubts. The time they’ve invested shows how passionate they are about their careers and quality art.

Gary’s advice to others is to always remain calm and kind. The road to success can be difficult and lengthy, but that doesn’t mean we have to change as people. Nothing in the world is worth anyone being greedy or mean. Success comes to those who are kind, share wisdom, and surround themselves with good energy.

The experience Gary holds has made him a better artist and a visionary. He is someone who can understand and deliver great art. Not many people possess this skill. Along with that, he is very humble about it as well. Even though he has been able to accomplish a lot in a short time, he has concrete objectives for his future. 

He wants to gain more recognition in the industry for the work he has been doing. Gary is working hard towards building his collection, which is why increasing its value is important as well. Being able to influence and teach young artists is also something Gary looks forward to. He believes that Web3 has a lot of potentials, and it’s important our generation keep contributing to it and grow it further. 

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