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NBA Top Shot All-Time Sales Cross $1B Amid NFT Market Slump –

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Despite a recent slump in the overall NFT market, Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot has just surpassed the $1B sales mark on their platform. NBA Top Shot has seen a stark decrease since the highs of the platform last year. There has been a decline in monthly sales volume over time.

NBA Top Shot $1B
NBA Top Shot has become the 6th NBA collection to reach the $1b sales volume mark.

The $1B Mark

The $1B mark is an important and historic number for all businesses to pass. Although it’s not quite the same, when a business reaches a value of over $1billion, they gain unicorn status. NBA Top Shot has just reached this $1B number.

To put it into context, the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection has amassed over $2 billion in all-time sales, which was passed in the first week of May this year. Axie Infinity leads the NFT collection sales volume rankings with over $4 billion all time. Over the past year, the entire NFT space has seen a sales volume of $24 billion.

Some of Top Shot’s best months were in early 2021. The all-time high of monthly sales was in February of last year when the platform saw $244 million worth.

About NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot is a digital collectable platform that was started by Dapper Labs in collaboration with the NBA. The platform runs on the Flow blockchain.

It started in July 2019 and began to build up some hype between late 2020 and early 2021.

The platform’s biggest sale of all time is of a LeBron James dunk. This sold for $230,000 in August 2021. This sale is one of 13 sales over the $100,000 mark.

Potentially one of the most bizarre sales of all time on NBA Topshot was for a common Fred VanVleet. Seen amongst a group of Legendary moments, or low serial numbers, VanVleet’s moment was a moment that had the serial number 11511/15000. Potentially a misclick, or potentially just a very big Fred VanVleet fan.

Now, NBA Top Shot has passed the $1B mark on a sales volume front, a huge step clearly for any NFT marketplace.

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