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Missed Out on CryptoPunks and Doodles? Meet Ganja Gurus, the Rising NFT Collection from BudBlockz – Analytics Insight

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Missed Out on CryptoPunks and Doodles? Meet Ganja Gurus, the Rising NFT Collection from BudBlockz

CryptoPunks and Doodles

The secret to becoming a successful blockchain trader or investor is gathering quality information on upcoming and potentially growth-centric NFT and crypto projects. And while 2022 will be marked as a volatile year for the crypto industry, there are still projects disrupting the blockchain market and doing well. A great example is BudBlockz with their Ganja Guruz Nft collection. A revolutionary cannabis crypto that has experienced growing investor confidence thanks to its unique offerings and vast potential.

A Peek into BudBlockz

BudBlockz is a DeFi e-commerce, crypto, and NFT platform that will unite marijuana and CBD users with cannabis businesses and manufacturers on a single, highly accessible blockchain interface. The company is going to function as an innovative and feature-packed bridge to the world of legal marijuana and cannabis products across the globe. It provides legal options and exposure to this lucrative market even in countries where CBD has yet to be decriminalized.

The company operates on the ETH network (Ethereum) and any user with a compatible crypto wallet will be able to use BudBlockz. With the platform’s native token (BLUNT), users can conduct highly secure and private transactions with other businesses and community members across the BudBlockz network without fear of scrutiny. You can also utilize the BLUNT token for investment and transactional functionalities such as managing your liquidity, buying and selling NFTs, voting, and much more.

The Backbone of BudBlockz’s Success: Ganja Guruz

While BudBlockz massively benefits from being the only platform operating across the cannabis industry, one of the primary reasons why the company has grown so rapidly is because of its Ganja Guruz NFT collection. The platform has marketed and positioned itself well, offering users various profitable and practical use cases that few other cryptos offer.

For example, by becoming a Ganja Guruz holder, you will be in a position to generate a side income from a variety of different sources. BudBlockz’s NFT collection is a powerful and increasingly high-performing digital asset that functions on the ERC-721 blockchain protocol. With a capped circulating supply, Ganja Guruz is a unique collection based on retro art, primarily inspired by 90’s video games.

In addition, people that own Ganja Guruz will also have the chance to become stakeholders in numerous cannabis and marijuana operations and businesses across the BudBlockz platform. This allows the company to support and benefit from the rapid growth of the marijuana industry.

While the cannabis sector is currently valued at more than $70 billion, experts speculate that in the next 5-10 years, the CBD industry is set to be valued at more than $176 billion! This gives BudBlockz owners a unique opportunity to make some serious profit in the coming years.

The Future of BudBlockz

BudBlockz is set to launch its public sales of BLUNT in less than a month. Their business roadmap highlights the fact that the company is also going to invest in various ventures, all of which will enhance value and utility. It plans to own several cannabis farms, and medicinal and recreational marijuana dispensaries in the coming years. In addition, BudBlockz also aims to offer businesses cutting-edge solutions in terms of seed-to-sale monitoring, data storage, tracking, attracting investors, and much more.

To mint your own BudBlockz Ganja Guruz NFT visit:

Once on the page click the “Mint Now” button and connect your ERC20 compatible wallet. You will be able to mint your Ganja Guruz NFT for 0.09 ETH.

Purchase or learn more about BudBlockz (BLUNT) at the links below:

Official Website:

Presale Registration:: 

BudBlockz Community Links:

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