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Inery Blockchain: A Layer-0 Database Management Solution

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Inery is the first decentralized database with blockchain functionalities integrated with several distributed databases. It boasts as a layer-0 solution designed for managing databases. It lays the foundation for web3 by seamlessly connecting with systems, applications, and layer-1 networks. It has cross-chain compatibility, environmental sustainability, and DAO governance.

There are plans to launch testnet, mainnet, and ambassador program. Also, it is developing generation or value contracts, and upgrading existing generated contracts. Besides this, it has implemented node documentation and developed API functions for delivering messages in JSON format.

What is Inery?

Inery is a decentralized database management solution and blockchain that simplifies the art of data management and launching DApps. Inery caters to the needs of financial enterprises, governments, healthcare institutions, and GameFi, facilitating the storage of data and NFT assets without limiting access and control.

The emergence of database management systems enabled data in documents and programs to be stored on a central server. This gave birth to centralized database systems like SQL and multi-cloud platforms, which obliterated the other form of storing data centrally. However, centralized database management systems were heavily flawed.

First, it limits accessibility and control, making it challenging for the users to access data whenever they want. This is the case because the database is controlled by a group of individuals that exert absolute control. In addition, data could be manipulated, and privacy could be compromised because it is stored centrally.

To address the problems enumerated above, Inery emerged. It adopts a systemic approach to managing data and owners’ assets as a decentralized database management solution by distributing storage across multiple servers. According to the developers, Inery differs from centralized database management solutions in that the multiple servers are controlled by several nodes, which are the stakers.

Inery encompasses blockchain functionalities to ensure efficient data storage. It is immutable, secure, has low latency, and gives owners unlimited access to their data. As a scalable blockchain created to address the challenges, Inery allows for cross-chain deployment of applications from different sectors, such as finance, aviation, education, health, etc.

Providing a Perfect Ecosystem for Businesses and Users

Inery database management solution or IneryDB provides unparalleled security and low-cost data solutions to businesses and users. They can leverage the immutable infrastructure to secure sensitive data without compromising speed and performance.

As a cross-chain protocol, users can freely move their data assets from one decentralized app to the other since data is stored freely on multiple servers instead of a centralized server. Interestingly, users don’t lose their data in the process.

Key features of IneryDB includes;

  • Allowing the development of apps
  • Providing developers with the tools to deploy applications
  • Managing data and allowing the conversion of raw data into a readable form
  • Allowing for the transfer of data across DApps without compromising scalability and speed
  • Offers a backup solution to all the data stored across different servers.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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