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Ex-counterfeiter finds second career as NFT artist – KTLA Los Angeles

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NFTs have exploded in popularity over the past year. Some projects turn out to be scams and others prove to be extremely desirable and valuable. What’s concrete, however, and void of the subjective is the fact that this new wave of issuing and authenticating artwork has improved the lives of many artists across the world.

One unlikely person that can attest to this fact is Arthur Williams Jr. Born in a rough neighborhood on the south side of Chicago, he found himself surrounded by the wrong crowd and quickly learned what it meant to be street smart. Starting with petty crimes, Arthur began with hot-wiring cars and breaking into parking meters. He later discovered a piece of technology that would change his life forever.

Before NFTs came a currency replicating machine that Arthur became extremely familiar with. Over the course of 15 years, he perfected his counterfeiting skills and became known for cracking the 1996 series $100 dollar bill. He estimates he printed several million dollars worth of fake cash over this period before getting caught due to a family incident. In prison, Arthur picked up painting where he was able to express his love for currency without getting arrested for it.

Most of Arthur’s art pieces incorporate some aspect or detail found on traditional U.S. bank notes to flavor his art with a touch of his history and personality. Today, Arthur has listed his artwork on the blockchain as NFTs where he is able to connect with fans and receive a magnitude of exposure he otherwise would never have access to. Arthur’s message to others is regardless of your history or mishaps, change is always possible and success can manifest from such change. To keep up with Arthur and his work you can follow him at Arthurjwilliamsjr.

This segment aired on 5 Live on May 31, 2022.

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