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On October 15, cryptocurrency values stayed mixed between red and green. The global cryptocurrency market surged by 1.93% in market cap over the last 24 hours. However, the prices of all major tokens remained in the same strata as of Thursday, with no major surges or falls. Bitcoin, the highest valued cryptocurrency rose in value by 2.23% to trade at ₹ 46,06,575.

Apart from Bitcoin, Ethereum was the only token to have a surge. ETH surged by 3.38% to trade at ₹ 2,94,718. Other major cryptocurrency prices remained in the red on Friday. Cardano fell 0.60% to trade at ₹ 169.57 while altcoin DogeCoin dropped 3.61% to trade at ₹ 17.87. Other coins like Ether, Litecoin, Ripple, XRP, and Solana also fell in value in the last 24 hours.

Cryptocurrency prices at 2:00 pm on October 15 as per CoinSwitch:

  • Bitcoin: ₹ 46,06,575
  • Ethereum: ₹ 2,94,718
  • Tether: ₹ 78.21
  • Cardano: ₹ 169.57
  • Binance Coin: ₹ 34394.02
  • XRP: ₹ 84.01
  • Solana: ₹ 12175.78
  • Polkadot: ₹ 3,160.77
  • USD Coin: ₹ 78.24
  • Dogecoin: ₹ 17.87
  • Litecoin: ₹ 14,086  

‘Investors preferring Bitcoin over gold’, says JP Morgan

Talking about Bitcoin in a recent note to its investors, American investment banking firm JP Morgan Chase said that the cryptocurrency, which is continually growing in valuation, is being seen by investors as a better hedge against inflation than gold. Investors had earlier stated that the cryptocurrency promises quicker returns than gold and was easily storable for a future value. However, Bitcoin remains highly volatile as it is still part of an unregulated market.

How to buy Bitcoin?

Currently, users have several options to buy Bitcoins from a known crypto exchange like CoinBase, WazirX and BNS. If you wish to buy this cryptocurrency, then you will need to have or create an account on these exchange platforms that are selling this Cryptocurrency. To start the account creation process, users will be required to submit basic details of the investor, such as their name and their bank account details.

Platforms like CoinDesk, WazirX and Binance also need Pan Card verification processes to be completed before starting the trading online. Keep in mind that investing in cryptocurrency is risky because the prices fluctuate continuously so invest after proper research. 

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