Cryptocurrency Comedy-Doc ‘Bull Run’ Fully Finances Via Digital Tokens In Less Than 24 Hours – Deadline

Fremantle and Bron-backed prodcuer The Immigrant and Cosabona Films have financed their comedy-documentary Bull Run in less than 24 hours by offering digital tokens to private investors.

Appropriately, the film sees director Ana Ramon Rubio delve deep into the inhospitable world of cryptocurrencies to analyze if this new technology can revolutionize the financial system forever, or not. It also takes in market cycles, and speculation through meme-coins such as Dogecoin or Shiba, alongside the sociological implications of adopting this new technology, highlighting both the positive and negative consequences.

The budget for the movie was raised via tokenization using blockchain technology, with private investors buying out the tokens in less than 24 hours, fully financing the project.

“To simplify a complex process, we could say that the users who have invested in it acquire tokens that, through smart contracts, entitle them to receive part of the profits from the film. In this way, Bull Run belongs to those people, they feel part of it,” explained Javier Celorrio, Carlos Celorrio and Miguel Caballero, who handled the token raise.

This is the second featue from Ramon Rubio, who won Best Documentary for her debut 3at the Arizona International Film Festival.

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