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Another NFT Whale Loses All His Apes And Mutants To A Scam –

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Unfortunately, another NFT whale has had its account hacked. In this case, they saw their BAYC and MAYC NFTs stolen, alongside some coins. Even after the hack, they couldn’t show off what NFTs had been stolen due to OpenSea being down.

NFT Hack Whale
NFT hacks against whales have been one of the downfalls of the industry.

The Scam vs The NFT Whale: A common story

Sadly, in recent weeks and months, we have seen countless stories from various NFT whales who have seen their wallets being hacked. From BAYC to Cryptopunks, to Cool Cats, we’ve seen it all. Almost all of the cases have happened through the OpenSea platform, Ethereum’s leading marketplace, or MetaMask, OpenSea’s leading wallet. This has forced people to potentially look to alternatives, not because the hacks have happened due to these platforms, but just due to the fact that they are so often replicated.

In this case, @pizza_later, a Twitter user and ‘NFT whale’ with 11,000+ followers, was the victim to be hacked. Even he didn’t know what had happened, and at the time of writing, he still doesn’t. When it happened, he announced on Twitter: “I got hacked. As of right now, I don’t have any additional information. I was able to save a few things bc of some quick-acting apes in the BAYC Discord. They took NFTs and coins. I’ll post the stolen NFTs below.” This was later followed by “Can’t post the stolen items because OpenSea is down. Awesome.”

He had clarified “I don’t click strange links, download files from strangers etc”. This is often the case for many scam victims who have regular activity.

What Can You Do?

We have seen so many hacks now attacking NFT whales and seen so many people seemingly do nothing on their part to be victims of one. The best things you can do are simple: double-check links, buy and sell NFTs on proven marketplaces, and of course, protect your information.

In Pizza’s case, he joked about the situation, saying: “Guess I’m switching to Solana NFTs” with an accompanying Robin Hood begging GIF. Although Solana has seen a rise recently, there is no way to avoid hacks even in a different blockchain.

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