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Agoraverse Introducing the First Web 3.0 Shopping Center; token sale set to launch in June

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As time passes on, the crypto ecosystem becomes more interesting. The industry has experienced unique innovations and inventions in its course of evolution.

Agoraverse has carved another niche in the crypto space, unlike what is currently obtainable by introducing the first-ever blockchain-enabled shopping mall in the metaverse, an unprecedented innovation. 

Agoraverse Ecosystem

The Agora is a blockchain-enabled shopping center where individuals will be able to purchase items in a convenient and innovative manner. The platform has defined its online shopping experience by integrating blockchain features, therefore, regardless of your needs, digital or real-life items will be all available at the Agora shopping center.

This first of its kind virtual shopping mall will fashionably display clothing lines, metaverse related items and services, art collections, NFTs, furniture for offices and homes, etc. Additionally, Agora allows users to play mini-games and access relaxation areas like clubs, restaurants, etc., to ensure visitors enjoy their stay.

Features of the Agora Ecosystem

  • The Metashops

Metashops are the shops inside the Agora. It is the exclusive property of the individual or group who owns it. To become a proud owner of a metashop, one must subscribe to a renewable monthly fee that will be purchasable in cryptocurrency or with traditional payment methods.

  • Agoraverse

This virtual environment lets users customize their metashops through an editor tool before displaying them on the Agora. It will also be possible to request for custom made designs by the team for an additional fee. 

  • The Lofts

There are 5555 exclusive apartments in the Agora ecosystem; these apartments are called lofts. Loft owners are registered residents in the Agora; they are allowed to customize their spaces according to their needs and tastes, try out purchased objects in the Agora with their avatar, remodel their loft into their personal metashop, or turn it into a virtual office space

  • Access Card NFTs

The Access Card NFT collection is the key to the lofts. Holders will have the option to upgrade their cards to the higher tier every two weeks in exchange for $AGORA. There are three types of access cards that each have different staking rewards : Standard – to earn 30 $AGORA daily, Premium -100 $AGORA daily, and Exclusive – 1000 $AGORA daily. Access Card holders will be prioritized in giving out shopping bonuses such as discounts for products and services, etc.


The $AGORA token is a multifunctional currency that powers the Agora ecosystem. It can be used to purchase items from partnered metashops, or partake in different leisure activities in the ecosystem; Users can also be rewarded with $AGORA through cashback on purchases or accomplishing different tasks in the ecosystem. The more people carry out business-related activities with $AGORA, the more it consolidates its utility.

There is a total supply of 1billion $AGORA, which will be released periodically for 4 years. The $AGORA token is distributed through various means.

The Agora ecosystem will receive 10% of the $AGORA token; this will be used for seasonal rewards and in app activities; 20% is reserved as a reward to creators; 17% will be used as a reward to those who stake their $AGORA; 16% of the tokens will be sold out in the proposed ICO slated for June 2022; 6% goes for the liquidity pool; CEX & VC future funds which will be released in August 2022 receive 11%; 5% will be used to reward team efforts; and 15% for further development funds.

The Agora ecosystem has a projected $5.9 million as an Initial market cap, and 13 million as the initial fully diluted market cap, with a liquidity ratio of 13.1%.

Token sale through Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

The token sale is a significant event for Agoraverse, and will be held for only 1 day on the 3rd of June 2022. Funds raised through the token sale will be utilized to further the Agora digital shopping mall development. a will be held in two parts:

Pre-sale: this is accessible only to whitelisted wallets and the most committed supporters of the project. 

There will be a 20% discount (0.0104$) for access cardholders and a 15% (0.0110) for the rest. 8% of the total token supply will be sold out in the pre-sale.

Public sale: another 8% of the total token will be sold out at the real price of 0.013 (no discount). All potential investors are invited to participate.


Agora is a novel blockchain project, currently in development. The first version will be released by August 2022. The team is composed of 15 ambitious individuals that aim to establish the biggest and largest shopping mall ever existing with 5000 shops (2x the world’s largest shopping mall – Iran mall). To achieve that unprecedented feat will take years, hence the team’s wise decision to take the development stages inch by inch. For more information and updates about Agora, click on this link.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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